Wildflower Honey

As pure and raw as it gets, Wildflower Honey is collected from White Holly, Gallberry, a little saw palmetto or maybe tulip poplar. This bright golden honey is rich and luscious, making it the perfect topping to a peanut butter and banana sandwich or a steamy latte.

  • Wind
  • Suggested Musical Pairing: Mouth by Merril Bainbridge  


Honey is like a fine wine that is created from flowers instead of grapes. The term ‘varietal honey’ refers to the honey gathered from a single type of blossom. Each type of nectar has its own flavor and sugar composition depending on the flower that produces it, therefore the honey reflects the unique taste of the bloom. Any honey poured by Binske as a specialty varietal honey must have a minimum of 80% pollen count. This ensures that the honey exhibits the best flavor and texture possible from the blossom crop. We take pride in our honeys’ flavor and purity, so we don’t process, over-filter or add anything at all.

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